The Sandbox can be considered the leading Metaverse blockchain project.

ESDX has 4 pieces of land among its assets. Sandbox has numerous partnerships with companies, brands, and artists of all kinds, and it is primarily focused on a gaming experience.

Sandbox is the project that comes closest to the undisputed leader of the metaverse market, which is ROBLOX (which has nothing to do with blockchain and crypto), and we are evaluating its aspects for potential opportunities. Roblox currently has hundreds of millions of active users (also focused on gaming).

The Sandbox has the potential to gain ground, space, and users, as it is definitely better technically in many aspects, including graphics, and it has an impressive array of partnerships that should eventually help it take off.

By the end of the year, it should finally open almost completely, but at the moment, we are still in the beta phase with very limited features and only seasonal and promotional events and games, which do not allow owners to fully exploit the lands.

Two of our lands are staked on the Polygon network, which guarantees us a very small return, but that is currently the only return that land ownership can generate. Due to the incomplete development and opening (still in beta testing after 2 years) and the temporary decrease in interest in NFTs and the metaverse, the number of users is naturally low, and the speculative interest in lands has also decreased drastically. This has resulted in a drastic decline in the value of assets (like the entire crypto/blockchain and metaverse sector, in fact).

Although it is undoubtedly the project with the greatest potential overall, this temporary crisis has been accentuated by the fact that the creating company has not yet finished distributing the lands. They periodically organize raffles where winners can purchase lands at prices lower than the current market prices, and this has a negative effect on the current value in a bear market situation.

Compared to the metaverse giant Roblox, The Sandbox is still a newborn. Roblox has been online since 2006, which is 17 years, while The Sandbox is still in the testing phase.

For these reasons, our current strategy is one of waiting. We will try to acquire some lands in raffles (but it doesn’t depend on us, but on luck) while we wait for the complete development that will allow all landowners to create experiences within the platform.

These developments, combined with a possible renewed future interest in the crypto/blockchain sector in an upcoming bull market, should bring in numerous users, which will finally increase the value of the lands. This will consequently attract game developers, players, and even simple speculators, who will be interested in the lands and the prospects of both entertainment and work and earning potential (game development, the possibility of incorporating advertising, etc.).

Nonetheless, The Sandbox has already demonstrated and continues to attract a good number of enthusiasts during the sporadic gaming seasons that have opened throughout the year, so we patiently await to reap the rewards.

Article by Cristian Pierini.



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